Shmuel Shmueli, Serial Conman and Fraudster

March 18, 2016 Frank Parlato 0
Shmuel Shmueli

Part II of a series where I am the journalist covering a federal investigation in which I am also the investigation’s target. A companion series about the Bronfman sisters and cult leader Keith Raniere are also in this issue. Both are connected to the federal investigation. The series on Shmuel Shmeili details how he defrauded more than two dozen lawyers in Buffalo and elsewhere.

The man who ripped off eminent lawyers such as Joseph Zdarsky, Steven Cohen, Corey Hogan, John LaFalce, Eric Bloom, William Savino, Mitchel Banas, Joseph Mazurek, Phil Abromowicz, David Kloss, Michael Paskowitz, as well as the law firms of Jaeckle, Fleischmann & Mugel, Damon Morey, and others must not be considered lightly. read more


Shmueli, a Master at Deception, Schemes to Defraud Dozens of Local Lawyers

March 17, 2016 Frank Parlato 0

Has US Attorney Done Due Diligence on Their Source of the Parlato Investigation?

A hall of fame of lawyers?


A question: What do attorneys Joseph Zdarsky, David Gutkowki, Steven Cohen, Corey Hogan, John LaFalce, Jaeckle, Fleischmann & Mugel,  Kevin Burke, Bradley Hoppe, the former law firm of Damon Morey, Eric Bloom, William Savino, Mitchel Banas, Blair and Roach, Kazlow and Kazlow, Gene Kazlow, Andrew Lavoot  Bluestone, Anderson & Anderson, David C. Buxbaum,  Kloss, Stenger and Lotempio,  Joseph Mazurek, Phil Abromowicz, David Kloss, Michael Paskowitz, and a dozen other lawyers have in common? read more

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February 3, 2016 Frank Parlato 1

We were shocked at the number of emails complaining that we had omitted a story about the notorious swindler and con artist Shmuel “Sam” Shmueli in last week’s paper. This newspaper has uncovered a great deal about the rascal who has stiffed or tried to stiff almost everyone he has come in contract with. Apparently the public has an appetite for more.

We have learned from the Israeli courts that Shmueli – who has made a living in the U.S. suing dozens of people in meritless lawsuits – is also actively filing lawsuits in Israel, where he’s currently living. read more

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Shmueli To Be Arrested? The Power Of The Press And The Police May Topple The King Con

January 22, 2016 Frank Parlato 0
Shmuel Shmueli
Shmuel Shmueli

This publication has been running an ongoing series on the notorious conman and serial defrauder, Shmuel Shmueli, who we have dubbed King Con. We have repeatedly laid out a number of Shmueli schemes – including fraud that he has committed against this writer and several area attorneys.

Artvoice has learned that there is now an “active investigation” into Shmueli being conducted by the Niagara Falls Police Department based on the complaint of a Niagara Falls landlord victim of Shmueli, which we reported on in our January 7, 2016 edition ( read more

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Conman Extraordinaire Shmuel Shmueli Comes to One Niagara

January 22, 2016 Frank Parlato 0

Shmuel “Sam” Shmueli, a notable conman.

This week we return to the extraordinary conman Shmuel Shmueli, who defrauded dozens of local lawyers along the way to making me his chief victim.

Born April 9, 1951, in Israel, Shmueli came to the US decades ago.

He uses several aliases and has made the religious claim to be “Shmuel Shmueli Representative of the Lubavitcher Rebbe For matters on Our Land of Israel.”

The title – which he bestowed on himself – is a claim to leadership of the Hassidic Chabad sect of Judaism, a claim which is uncorroborated by any member of the Hassidic community. read more

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December 23, 2015 aaron476610 0

This week in our series on that fascinating conman, Shmuel Shmueli, we go to Shmueli’s native country Israel.

Shmueli, who by our calculation has sued or was sued about two dozen times, finds it easy to participate in litigation, for win or lose he rarely pays attorneys.

Shmueli formed a weekly Brooklyn Hebrew newspaper – Israel Shelanu (Our Israel) and “lifted” stories from other newspapers, who sued him and shut him down.

And last week we mentioned how Shmueli retained the law offices of Lorenzo and Cohen which became HoganWillig and the law firm of Zdarsky Sawicki and Agostinelli. We do not have space to get into how Shmueli hired more law firms – with the intent of suing my partner, Larry Reger and I. read more

King Con Shmuel Shmueli Learns New Trade: Stiffing Lawyers and Winning Through Losing –Lawsuits

December 18, 2015 Frank Parlato 1


We’ve previously written in this series that while living in Brooklyn Shmuel Shmueli started a Hebrew newspaper, Israel Shelanu (Our Israel), and instead of hiring reporters, he found it convenient to “lift” stories from other Hebrew newspapers without their permission.

Haaretz Daily, Maariv Modiin and Shalom sued him for copyright infringement. He countersued for $158 million claiming the three newspapers were in a conspiracy against him.

They won. He lost. A $24 million judgment was entered against Shmueli. He declared bankruptcy. read more

Shmuel "Sam" Shmueli, a notable conman.

Shmuel Shmueli Says We Lie

July 20, 2017 Frank Parlato 0
Shmuel "Sam" Shmueli, a notable conman.
Shmuel  Shmueli.

This week the extraordinary conman Shmuel Shmueli contacted this publication to inform us that we told “lies” about him and “distorted” and “manipulated facts in amazing ways”.

He was referring to our ongoing series on what has been his alleged serial stiffing, if not defrauding, of myself and a host of attorneys in the WNY area.

Shmueli claims he did not stiff everyone.

He says he paid at least two law firms out of the several dozen he employed.

Shmueli, readers may recall, is the man who formed a weekly Hebrew newspaper in Brooklyn, and was successfully sued by his competitors for plagiarizing their work. They won a $24 million judgment against him, which he discharged in bankruptcy. He never paid them a penny, and closed down his paper. read more

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King Con: Shmueli Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

July 20, 2017 Frank Parlato 0
Shmuel Shmueli does not just fleece lawyers; he enjoys fleecing landlords too.
Shmuel Shmueli does not just fleece lawyers; he enjoys fleecing landlords too.

Last week the notorious conman Shmuel Shmueli was evicted from a Niagara Falls luxury condo at the Parkway Condominiums on Buffalo Ave.––but not until after he stayed in the condo for free for a year. Artvoice previously identified 25 lawyers that Shmueli conned out of legal services. We’ve now discovered a new class of Shmueli dupes: landlords.

The latest landlord – who is a well-known contractor in Niagara Falls – had to do what all who enter into contracts with Shmueli must do:  Abandon all hope for getting paid. read more

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July 20, 2017 0
He appears to be a holy man. But there are those who say he Shmuel Shmueli is quite the opposite. Just ask any of several dozen sadder-but-wiser lawyers.

Several readers have commented that my series on Shmuel Shmueli must be a fabrication.

No one could be such a rascal.

Others have said I am picking on a nice Jewish man and could I provide some proof that Shmueli is half the scalawag that I paint him to be?

I was cut to the quick by the suggestion that I had exaggerated the cupidity of Shmueli.

Before giving detailed dates and quotes, I will skim through the long list of people he screwed in the past who took judgments against him or sued him in vain. Since he never paid one of them it seems almost irrelevant. read more