GEORGE MAZIARZ – A man of Honesty and Integrity

July 20, 2017 Staff 1


The Right Side

By J Gary DiLaura

I first met George Maziarz in 1985. He was a Niagara County politician with a good reputation for honesty and a sincere concern for the people of Niagara County. In 1985 the Power Authority and NOT Mother Nature, jammed the entire East Niagara River during the biggest “ice run” in history. The Lake went to the highest elevation EVER and PASNY caused the biggest ice jam in the known history of the Upper Niagara River. They stopped ALL water from flowing down the entire east river, and put the river in flood stage for 30 days and then denied any responsibility for anything! read more


July 20, 2017 Staff 0


The Right Side

By J Gary DiLaura


In all my years in law enforcement I never charged anyone for Conspiring to Collude or for Colluding to Conspire?! That’s because colluding and conspiring are NOT crimes!

In a May 23, 2017 FOX News article by Gregg Jarrett, Jarrett stated, “Robert Mueller is tasked with finding a crime that does not exist in the law. It is a legal impossibility.”

Jarrett went on to say, “As special counsel, Mueller can engage in all manner of spectacular jurisprudential gymnastics. However, it will not change the fact that colluding with Russia is not, under America’s criminal codes, a crime. It’s just not there.” read more


July 14, 2017 Staff 1


The Right Side

By J Gary DiLaura

Our Rule of Law comprises three branches of the government; the Legislative (makes the laws), the Judicial (interprets the law) and the Executive (enforces the law).

The President is the Chief Executive and Chief Law Enforcement officer. He is the boss of the Department of Justice. He can listen to ANY eavesdropping matter by ANY of the intelligence Agencies, like NSA, FBI, CIA, et al. He can open or close any investigation by any agency. He can review the evidence collected by ANY Agency in the entire government, period, no exception! read more

Dilaura: Senior FBI agents should interview Obama’s black ops team

March 5, 2017 Reporter 0
 by J. Gary DiLaura;

(A retired FBI Special Agent, Gary DiLaura was legendary in his heyday for personally chasing and collaring bank robbers. He investigated terrorists and government officials for corruption. He writes regularly about issues of national security from his law enforcement perspective. His opinions are his own.)

I hope you’re following FOX news on Trump allegations about Obama wiretapping him before the election. To determine the truth, Trump needs to launch an investigation by a team of older FBI agents led by a dedicated Republican US Attorney with a special Grand Jury to investigate these allegations along with possible other acts of treason, espionage, sabotage, and violations of the Hobbs Act against the United States by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and etc.

The team must pull all wiretaps issued during a specific time period. They should be looking for insiders to flip. They are there; they must be found and flipped! Obama has, without a doubt, a very good ‘Black Ops Team’ [a covert operation team]. Who are they? Who contacts them? They need to be found. read more


March 2, 2017 Staff 0


By J Gary DiLaura

The creators of our Constitution recognized the necessity and power of the press as an integral part of our free society. The Constitution never gave the press access to the White House, the presidents did! The press was first given a work space around 1902 but concentrated mostly on what Congress was doing until around 1950.

President Teddy Roosevelt gave the press their first “press room”, although they were still primarily covering Congress. Roosevelt used the press and courted them to what he wanted printed. If he didn’t like what they wrote he kicked them out and courted another one who was friendly to the President! It was an honor for a reporter to be allowed access to the White House and a bigger honor to speak with the President! If the president didn’t like a reporter, he was gone! Consequently, the news media’s sent their best reporters to the White House! read more


March 2, 2017 Staff 0


By J Gary DiLaura

We have pretty much been a two party Republic for quite a long time. The beautiful part of our system is that it is a constitutional republic versus a democracy! That means that even though the majority or winning party rules, under the Republic, the winning party MUST provide the same rights to all because of our Rule of Law. The ruling party must honor our Bill of Rights and our Constitution! If we were a democracy, the elected, ruling party would only provide the losing party the rights THEY want to provide! The Constitution and our Rule of Law would be gone and we would be a Socialist Nation, by definition and by fact!  The Democrat party has been hijacked by the “progressives” and are letting them steal your country! Thank goodness many of you stepped up the past election and replaced 1,040+ Democrat seats in the country! read more

Dux: A botched attempt to kill Trump adviser Roger Stone, or send him a warning? But who’s behind it?

February 27, 2017 Staff 5

By Frank W. Dux;

(A former covert operative and world renowned martial arts black belt, Frank Dux wrote, The Secret Man [1996. Published by Harper Collins} In his book, Dux revealed some shocking details of the secret operations he carried out for the U.S. government. A slice of Dux’s life is told in the world famous martial arts movie, Bloodsport, starring Jean Claude Van Damme as Frank Dux,)

Frank Dux’s 1996 expose of the world of covert operatives. Click here to buy The Secret Man: An American Warrior’s Uncensored Story

Just days before the inauguration of Donald Trump, one of his key advisers, Roger Stone, 64, told the media that an attempt at poisoning him likely occurred. read more

What’s ahead for Big Al Cutaia, convicted child molester of little girl?

February 27, 2017 Reporter 2

Alfonso ‘Big Al’ Cutaia had a sudden change of lifestyle after he was arrested for sexually molesting a 10 year old girl about a year ago. He was biker. His moniker was ‘Thunder. Everyone called him ‘Big Al.”

Earlier this month, Judge Matt Murphy sentenced him to 25 years to life in prison after a jury of six men and six women found him guilty of abusing the little girl for three years, from the time she was seven,

Ahead of Big Al is a steel, razor wire, and a concrete house. read more


February 23, 2017 Staff 0

I believe that the President is rushing to prove to us that he is a man of his word by being true to his campaign promises and honoring all of them! President Trump has nothing to prove…we know he will do everything he can to honor the promises! As far as the rest are concerned…you can lead a “donkey” to water but you can’t make him drink!

Of greater importance right now is the task of “getting his house” in order. He absolutely MUST rid his “House” of EVERY SINGLE Obama Presidential appointment, before he does anything else! Every single one is a “submarine” and will undermine and torpedo his administration for 8 years if he doesn’t clean house now! read more

Dyster’s position on Cuomo’s lodge assures Placement in Pantheon of Great Leaders 

February 23, 2017 James Hufnagel 1
It must be fun to use taxpayers’ money to use the Niagara Falls State Park as piggy bank for campaign donors.

Gov. Cuomo’s proposed “lodge” on Goat Island in the Niagara Falls State Park has been met with swift, unequivocal and forceful public opposition since he announced his intentions during a January speech at the University of Buffalo. Earlier this week the Niagara Falls City Council passed a resolution opposing the project. On the same evening, twenty miles away at Lockport, Niagara County legislators tabled a similar resolution pending clarification by the governor’s staff, a resolution that would have passed with flying colors had it come to a vote. read more

Deconstructing the Left on Police Brutality and the ‘War on Drugs’

February 22, 2017 Reporter 0

By Jim Ostrowski;

How did we get from Wardel Davis dying after a drug war-related altercation with the Buffalo Police to protesters shouting “black lives matter”?

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The late Wardel Davis, a casualty of the War on Drugs.

No one has come forward with evidence that Mr. Davis died because the police decided to kill him because they think that black lives do not matter.  Rather, the death appears to be accidental with the medical examiner awaiting results of toxicology tests.

The slogan “black lives matter” is problematic.  It seeks, obliquely, to blame white racism for the actions of government employees, the police, technically bureaucrats, usually hired by Democratic municipalities, executing policies often popular with the black community such as drug prohibition. read more

Ice Boom Thwarts Nature and Tourism for the Profit of NYPA

February 16, 2017 Staff 0
By Joe Barrett   It’s been over ten years now since I addressed New York Power Authority executives at their re-licensing hearing seeking the elimination of the ice boom on Lake Erie – Niagara River.  [Go to YouTube and search “World’s Smartest Fisherman” to see my address.]   If that hearing and all the others before and after amounted to something even remotely fair, the real effects of the ice boom would have been looked at and it would have been removed.    

Here are some benefits we miss out on by having the ice boom. read more