Jacob and his two wives

When government gets into the bedroom… UTAH HOUSE TO DEBATE BIGAMY

February 19, 2017 Reporter 1

By Frank Parlato;

The Utah House of Representatives will debate a bill [House Bill 99] which proposes a change in the state’s legal definition of bigamy.

Bigamy is a felony in Utah, with penalties of up to five years in prison for each offense.

Bigamy is more broadly defined in Utah than most states which limit bigamy to cases where a person contracts with more than one person in state licensed marriage.

That part of the definition will not change under the proposed bill.

To curtail the religious freedom of traditional Mormons, who believe polygamy is part of God’s plan, some years ago Utah expanded its definition to add cohabitation as bigamy.

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A supporter of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump holds a sign before  a rally Saturday, Feb. 27, 2016, in Bentonville, Ark. (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Pat Robertson: Trump has God on his side

February 18, 2017 Reporter 1

Pat Robertson says God is on Donald Trump’s side.

Not everyone in the media opposes Donald Trump.

Rev. Pat Robertson, on Feb. 15, on his

        Christian Broadcasting Network said, “[L]eft-wingers and so-called progressives are trying to destroy the country that we love and take away the freedoms they love. They want collectivism. They want socialism. What we’re looking at is free markets and freedom from this terrible, overarching bureaucracy. They want to fight as much as they can, but I think the good news is the Bible* says, “He that sits in the heavens will laugh them to scorn,” and I think that Trump’s got someone on his side that is a lot more powerful than the media.”

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Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch

Judicial Watch: It’s Naive To Think Illegal Aliens Aren’t Voting

February 4, 2017 Reporter 0

By Tom Fitton;                                                                                                                       President Judicial Watch

For many years we have fought to restore integrity to elections in the United States, fighting both the Obama Justice Department and its leftist allies, such as the well-funded ACLU. You can sample our efforts here.  Finally the issue of election integrity has new national prominence thanks to President Donald Trump’s call for an investigation into illegal voting.

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British Doctors Advised Not to Say ‘Expectant Mothers’ but ‘Pregnant People’

January 30, 2017 Reporter 0

BMA has guidelines for right words for doctors to use…

The British Medical Association (BMA) has published a booklet for its 160,000 members entitled, “A guide to effective communication: inclusive language in the workplace”.

The booklet is intended as a guide on what are right and wrong words for BMA staff and representatives to use when addressing certain people, places and conditions.

It has gotten a good deal of publicity, controversy and ridicule in the British (and some American) media because of a recommendation which advises British doctors not to say ‘expectant mothers’ since it might offend transgender people, but to say “pregnant people” instead.

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My name is Gerry Ralston and I make custom made buttons.


January 26, 2017 Staff 0

trump button

BY Gerry Ralston, seller of exquisite custom made buttons

Who needs a button?

I make buttons for a living. Not the buttons that keep your shirt on but lapel, message, specialty, fraternal, campaign, slogan, custom and promotional buttons.

It’s not just about Donald Trump. Sure, I made a good living making Donald Trump buttons this past year (and a few Hillary buttons). But the election is over. Trump won. He is the President of the United States of America and I made a lot of money during his campaign making buttons with his picture on it.

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Isn’t it time you understood Jury Nullification?

January 17, 2017 Frank Parlato 2


Isn’t it time you understood Jury Nullification?

By Frank Parlato

Jury nullification is the term used when a jury – or even a single juror – votes to acquit a criminal defendant who is technically guilty, but who juror(s) do not believe deserve punishment.

It occurs in a trial when a jury reaches a verdict contrary to the judge’s instructions.

It occurs when a single juror believes the law is wrong and refuses to vote with the other http://southbuffalonews.comhttp://southbuffalonews.com jurors and hangs a jury, preserving the liberty of the accused –at least until the time the government chooses to retry the defendant.

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Frank Dux Speaks to the Reporter on Self Defense, 2nd Amendment, Niagara Falls

October 27, 2016 James Hufnagel 0

The other day we sat down with Frank Dux (pronounced “dukes”), legendary martial artist and fight choreographer who is visiting Western New York to explore film opportunities here, among other business ventures. Dux established his own school of Ninjitsu in 1975, called Dux Ryu Ninjutsu. An article about his exploits that appeared in Black Belt magazine in 1980 was the eventual inspiration for the 1988 classic film “Bloodsport” starring Jean-Claude Van Damme as Frank Dux. Dux fight-choreographed the film. Donald Trump told the New Yorker magazine in 1997, that Bloodsport was his all-time favorite film.

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Progressive, Heal Thyself

September 29, 2016 Staff 0

By Jim Ostrowski

Once again, race riots plague America, this time in Charlotte, a relatively prosperous and quiet city in North Carolina.  Not a good sign.  What can I say that hasn’t already been said?  Volumes.

My main work as a writer at this point is to discover, analyze and expose the various mindsets that have us trapped in problems, unable to grasp some very obvious and sensible solutions to those problems.  I spent forty years trying to change things through the political process and by writing hundreds of articles that, in my opinion, diagnosed problems and proposed workable solutions.  The response, not only to my modest efforts but to the whole liberty movement, was a yawn.  People did not listen.  They did not want to hear it.

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What Are You Going to Do About Boston, Mr. Barnicle?

September 15, 2016 Reporter 1

By Jim Ostrowski;

I refer to Mike Barnicle’s now-famous gotcha question of the clueless alleged libertarian candidate Gary Johnson on Morning Joe the other day: “what are you going to do about Aleppo [Syria]” To cut to the chase, I could just as well ask Mr. Barnicle what he’s going to do about Mr. Barnicle.  I just finished Albert Jay Nock’s brilliant book, Our Enemy the State.  This is a book you probably never heard of but should have read in high school.  Nock, a radical antistatist, wrote:

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No one should have the nuclear codes

August 18, 2016 The News Desk 0


The latest attack on Donald Trump from Pravda (the mainstream media) is that we can’t trust him with the nuclear codes. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw nukes. Hillary helped start illegal wars in Libya and Syria, resulting in murder and mayhem in those countries which continues to this day.

For the details, see The Impeachment of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton: for High Crimes in Syria and Libya. In Syria, there was and is a serious risk of a military confrontation with Russia, one of the big three nuclear powers. Nuclear war is most likely to break out by accident as a result of confrontations in such proxy wars.

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donald-hillary-800 2

Look for Trump to Defeat Pravda

August 11, 2016 Reporter 1

By Jim Ostrowski

My election predictions are not primarily based on the polls.  When I picked John Kerry to win the Democratic nomination in 2004, he was I think fourth in the polls and had mortgaged his house.  When I picked Trump as a possible nominee in early July of last year, he was fourth or fifth in the polls.  Instead, I look at all of the facts and make a judgment based on decades of experience watching the American electoral circus.

The mainstream media, which I now call Pravda, has, for the tenth time, pronounced Trump dead.  I am not convinced.  Calling them Pravda may actually be an understatement.  Most people knew Pravda was a pack of lies spewed out by the regime.  Many still think the MSM is legit.  However, it is clear to me they are basically the public relations arm of the Clinton campaign.

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Benjamin Franklin said that jury nullification is “better than law, it ought to be law, and will always be law wherever justice prevails.”

Hang the Jury and Nullify Bad Law

July 14, 2016 Frank Parlato 1
Benjamin Franklin said that jury nullification is “better than law, it ought to be law, and will always be law wherever justice prevails.”
Benjamin Franklin said that jury nullification is “better than law, it ought to be law, and will always be law wherever justice prevails.”

As everyone knows, there is often a difference between “the law” and justice.

After all laws are made by elected officials under the influence of lobbyists and their desire to enrich themselves, and get reelected.

Anyone who thinks the typical congressman, senator, assemblyman or even local councilman is a beacon of wisdom and justice and cares first and foremost about the future of the nation is just a darn fool.

The proof is the sad shape of the state of this country with its financial recklessness, its $17 trillion debt, it’s massive incarceration rates, it’s growing curtailment of liberties. The government’s self-righteous and petty bossism over the people. The inversion from government fearing the people to the people fearing the government.

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